johnny myers music studio
my motto:  to use every Gift the Lord has given me to his Glory and bury none.
Bless the Lord, some gifts have the ability to continuously bring in income.
Sometime we ask for great ideals and sit on our gifts.
I've been writing and composing songs secretly until my money was right to
produce with ease! Easy never came, "I Just did It".   
Check it out and tell me what you think. Every singer I ask to sing never answered back
or had too many excuses.  The Lord will bless me with the right Singers, no sweat!
For now "I Just did It".
Excuses are like holes in the head: two ears, two nostrils, two eye sockets and a Mouth!
If you Dig it, Shout out for me, if not tell me to keep Praying. LOL

Well enough talk, touch the button for the sample of each song.
After they are Mastered, I will have them available online and post the Internet stations.
Thanks for your time and consideration.

Be Blessed and be a blessing!
C.Zamar: Hebrew for touch the string or musical instrument.
Late But Makin It

Patience Suffering
Only What You Do For Christ